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I've already started, and you?

December 09, 2019

👋 Hey there!

Today, Tom Redman shared this on Twitter:

Reaching this milestone is for sure fantastic news! Paraphrasing Tom, it’s been a fun and challenging journey to get here, and I know everyone is super proud of what we’ve done and excited for what’s to come!

Reflecting on this, and with the end of the year right around the corner, I’ve been reflecting a lot on what I’ve done this year, and my journey so far:

  • I’ve been working on Buffer Analyze for a bit over two years now. And in Buffer for over five years. It is an incredible journey with personal and professional growth, and it has truly changed my life and perspective to work with everyone in this team.

  • It’s been my fourth year working on otter.es on the side, which has been an exhilarating journey on itself, from going to a very manual and very minimal MVP to launching a web app last year and undergoing many iterations in terms of hitting a product/market fit while being entirely bootstrapped. I’ve done it with Maria (my partner in crime and life), and it’s mindblowing what the two of us have achieved.

  • I’ve taught coding in university for a few years.

  • I’ve freelanced on a few projects because I can’t stop making, especially on projects and brands I believe.

  • I’ve turned 30 🎂

Every year since 2010, I look back, and I feel like I’ve “leveled up” in some way. I don’t recognize myself in last year’s version of myself. Either through practical learnings, to mindset and philosophical changes, to new routines and contexts.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on many things around work: from how we do things over at my team on Buffer Analyze (and in the engineering teams at Buffer in general), to how Maria and I keep doing stuff on Otter.

These are two very different contexts I find myself daily, and so I'm lucky to learn twice as fast :)

I’m also reached out personally by people that know me on how I can maintain a balance of it all, working full time at a company, trying to build my own, while keeping a balanced life and taking care of other areas of my life.

I feel one thing I’ve been looking forward to doing is to share more openly, and that’s what I’m aiming with this publication. I’ve been sharing thoughts and ideas here and there over at Instagram for the last year, and I’m looking forward to building something more recurrent and with a more significant focus for the long-form written word.

I sincerely believe we all have things to share, and that you don’t need to get everything perfectly lined up in our lives to start. Life is a constant work in progress, and we are never going to be finished or in a position where we’ll say, “That’s it! I’m a master now!”. We better stop hoping for that day to come, and we better start to give and share our best today, tomorrow, and all the days to come.

Starting this newsletter for me is an act of becoming more coherent with this belief.

If there’s something you’re interested in knowing more or have any comments, feel free to reach out! Twitter and Instagram are always good places to start a conversation :)

I’m looking forward to talking and share what matters most for you all. 💬