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Resetting yourself

December 23, 2019

If we don't have visions of kindness and generosity in our minds, it's difficult to share these things with others.
– Headspace.

This week is a special one. For a few years already, Buffer closes until January 2nd, which means I am officially on holiday for a bit more than a week!

This, of course, does not mean I'm off off: I'm here writing this newsletter, answering an interview for an online magazine, and still going hard on the backend rewrite for Otter.

Of course, these days are also an excellent opportunity to try and make a reset for whatever you need. You might travel to meet with family and loved ones, or you at the very least might have a different schedule than you usually have.

Take that in as a way to take distance from your day-to-day. Are there things you do by default that you realize they are no longer helpful for you? Decide what you want to keep (or what you'd instead let go) this next year, picture how it would feel if you were already living in that ideal.

Then figure out an action plan for it:

  • If it's quitting a bad habit, find something that feels good to you (and is favorable for you) that you can replace that harmful thing with.
  • If it's dedicating more time to something (or someone), make space for it by cutting down activities that don't bring value to you.

Here's my nudge for you this week: find something for this year that by either starting or quitting would:

  • Improve your health.
  • Improve your relationships.
  • Improve your mindset.

Share it with me if you want some extra accountability, either on a DM on Twitter or on Instagram, or just replying to this email. I'm here for you, and this will be our secret 😉

Focusing is an Art, not a Science.


Farnam Street is one of my favorite publications. I hope this one inspires you to develop your art of focusing, sometimes for hours at a time, on something you love. I sincerely think this is what separates the good from the great.

A Very Hollywood Holiday With Mr Richard E Grant


A fun, short video by Mr. Porter with some cheeky tips to enjoy the holidays 🎅🏻I love their videos with style or cooking tips, but this one cracks me up.