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Reframing success

December 16, 2019

Doing what is right vs. being right

If you want exponential returns, replace the need to be proven right with the need to achieve the best outcome possible.
- Shane Parrish

How many times you've felt stuck on something because you felt you had to prove yourself? Or felt envy because someone came up with a better idea than yours?

What if that didn't matter?

What if you, rather than be the one in the right, or being the one that always has the brightest idea, become the one that always multiplies everyone around them? Challenging everyone to grow to the next level when they need it, cheering them when they achieve new goals, helping everyone find their voice.

I think that's something worth pursuing. Become the multiplier for everyone around you.

Are you ready to reframe your own value and where it comes from?

Here's my challenge for you this week: try to identify moments where that need to show your loudest voice pops up, and see if that comes from a need to feel validated. Try to reframe it in a more positive way for everyone around you and yourself.


What is anxiety?


A great video by Jason Silva on anxiety. He frames anxiety as temporal dislocation: past experience or trauma that bleeds into the present moment, making you overwhelmed by expectations and fears, jumping to negative conclusions. I love how he breaks down hard topics such as this one in a positive and almost poetic way.

Keychron K2


I've gotten this keyboard on Black Friday. I'm excited about it because it's my first time getting a mechanical keyboard.

I'm looking forward to seeing if my typing experience improves (coming from my current broken Macbook Pro keyboard, I'm willing to bet it will).

It's also my first time using an English layout keyboard. Having access to things like ; and {, }, [, ], |, \ as first-class citizens in my keyboard sounds nice for my hands! I bet I'll have to do some muscle memory rewiring, though!

Thank you for reading! 🙏