On taking breaks

It’s crazy; I haven’t spent a full week back home yet since I left for Bali and the Buffer retreat five weeks ago. Now finally coming back home for good after a long weekend away celebrating Maria’s birthday.

Going to Bali and Singapore was a great mix of work, relax, and bonding with amazing people, whereas this weekend has been 100% about shutting down, disconnecting, and resting.

It all goes back into self-awareness: just as I know I´m all right after six hours of sleep, I feel ready to be back to work after just a few days of total disconnection. As soon as I spend a few days without being engaged in any project, my mind starts spinning and throws ideas at me at any given moment.

My mental fangs grow and the hunger to create pops back in.

I’m excited to come back to Buffer to build new things at Publish and Analyze.

I’m pumped to show up the work we’ve done at otter.es for the past month.

And I can’t wait to start some exciting new things that Maria and I have been chatting about this weekend.

May, here I come. It’s going to be awesome.


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